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If you wish to use our service to it's full potential, you need an account. Account information is used to make/receive payments, give both the customer and host relevant info for both parties to have the best experience possible.

We've only started recently so bear with us! You can help us by becoming a host in your city. Once there are a few hosts signed up in your city, it'll appear on the site.

We are just a small company from Finland who want to make dining experience better by helping you meet new people and eat great local food.

For Guests

First find a suitable event, then scroll down until you see a calendar. Pick a date and how many seats you wish to book, accept the terms of service and click 'Book'. Follow the instructions on the next screen.

Yes, but make sure it is outside of the aware time host has set to get a full refund. If it falls past the time limit, we cannot issue a refund as it would be unfair to the host. Host's aware time can be maximum of 24 hours.

For Hosts

You can become a host by clicking on the 'Become a Host' or 'Add Event' button. Note that your new event won't be visible until we go through it. Please give as at least couple of days to process it.

Yes! Just make sure your events date & times don't overlap with each other.

You can. If you need to cancel one of your upcoming events, you can do so in the 'Your Events' page which can be found in your user page. All bookings are refunded and guests messaged about it.

Taxes & legalities

In most places, yes. You need to make sure of your countrys laws regarding taxation and other food related regulations. We aim to give our users the best possible experience by finding this information for you in the future.

You need to figure out your countrys tax laws.


Don't hesitate to send us an email with any questions you might have regarding DineAway's service or its features.